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Blockchain 3.0 For easy life

EZChain is a new generation blockchain platform for creating public blockchains and private blockchains. EZChain has high performance, low cost and simplest oriented system optimization for end users.


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What is EZChain?

EZChain is a multi-blockchain platform with high performance, low cost and optimized system in the direction of the simplest for end users. The main applications of EZChain are:

What is EZChain

EZChain platform consists of 3 blockchains: X-chain, P-chain, and C-chain

Distinctive Features Of EZChain

Blazingly Fast
Blazingly Fast

The transaction processing speed is up to 4,500 transactions per second and the transaction processing time is just under 2 seconds. Compatible with most applications.

Low Cost
Low Cost

Transaction processing costs are extremely low, from only $0.001. Suitable for most applications with large transaction needs and low fees.

High Security
High Security

Data is verified and protected by thousands of Validators with a consensus safety threshold of 80% instead of 51% of other platforms.

Private Data
Private Data

Projects and businesses can easily build their own private chains based on EZChain and fully master the system data.

Easy to Use
Easy to use

EZChain is EVM compatible and has powerful support tools that make it extremely easy to use and build Dapps.


EZChain's blockchain works with low power consumption and equipment requirements. This contributes to the protection of the environment thoroughly.

Comparing to Other Blockchains

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Blockchain 3.0 for easy life

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March 04, 2022
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