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EZChain Roadmap

  • Upgrade new Blockchain Explorer for X- & P-chain
  • Release new website for
  • Finish upgrade EVM to EVM++ with new functionalities:
    • VDF (Verifiable Delay Function)
    • Batch transaction
    • Fee payer
    • One-time execution code
  • Release Mobile wallet 1.0
  • Support Validator node-name for easy PR & Community-building
  • Introduce Multisig wallet (web version)
  • Release Mobile wallet 2.0
    • Full support for NFT & EZP20 on C-chain
    • Full support for native tokens (ANT & NFT) on X-chain
  • Add-on more functionalities to EVM++:
    • Delegated storage
    • Storage fee
  • Introduce the first Subnet of EZChain
  • Integrate with a launchpad for easy onboarding new projects on EZChain
  • Improve Blockchain Explorer
  • Release Mobile wallet 3.0
    • Social Key Recovery
    • Support Multisig-wallet contract
    • Introduce new Dark-theme
  • Self-sovereign Identity on EZChain
  • Research & implement Schnorr deterministic-signature scheme: threshold multisign, replayed privacy (pseudo)
  • Research Token-bridge between EZChain and Ethereum
  • Research On-chain privacy for EZChain
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