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Detailed instructions for EZC staking

EZChain is a multi-chain platform including X Chain, P Chain, and C Chain. P Chain is used to manage metadata, manage validator nodes, and user staking. Therefore, to participate in staking on EZChain, you need to have money in P-Chain.

Step 1: Swap EZC from C-Chain to P-Chain

EZChain Wallet supports the Cross Chain swap feature to transfer money between Chains.

1. On the home page on the left side of the screen, select Cross Chain

  • In the Source Chain section, select C Chain
  • In Destination Chain, select P Chain
  • Enter the amount you want to swap, then press Confirm

2. Select Transfer to complete the swap

When the transaction is completed, you will see the money in the Balance P-Chain.

Step 2: Perform Staking on EZChain using the Delegate feature

1. On the left side of the home screen, select Earn on the home page. Select Add Delegator

2. There is a list of validator nodes in the network that appears, along with the amount that can be delegated and the maximum time that can be staked on that validator node. Choose a node that suits your needs and click Select.

3. Fill in the staking delegate information. Then press Confirm.


  • Staking End Date section: choose the time you want to end Staking.
  • Staking Amount section: enter the amount of EZC you want to stake.

4. Check the information and select Submit.

After performing the delegate, you will have to wait about 15 minutes to complete this Staking.

Once done, you can check the reward information in the Estimate Reward section of the Earn tab.

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