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How investors can withdraw EZC

Step 1: install Metamask and import/switch to your investor wallet that you registered with EZChain
To add EZChain to Metamask, pls click to networks menu and choose “Add Networ
Then fill info like below to add EZChain:
Step 3: Click on Metamask icon on your browser and choose Connect to let Metamask know that you will use this Wallet to interact with smart-contract Token Vesting:

When successfully connected, you will see the following screen (Connect to )

Step 4: Click “ Write ” at 3. investorWithdraw (note: DO NOT click on any other functions)

Now Metamask will have a popup for you to confirm that the transaction will be made to interact with smart-contract Token Vesting:

Check if the smart-contract address is correct (under format 0x05E…1C0A), then click on Confirm

Step 5: wait for the transaction to be completed and check for EZC in your Wallet.
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