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Introduction to EZC staking

EZC (EZChain Coin) holders can participate in primary network staking as Delegators on EZChain mainnet.

A delegator is a token holder, who wants to participate in staking, but chooses to trust an existing validating node through delegation. Delegations are initiated through a special “addDelegator” transaction issued to the Platform Chain (P-Chain).

1. Token used for staking: EZC

2. Reward Token: EZC

3. The minimum amount of EZC staking: 25 EZC

4. The maximum amount of EZC staking: Unlimited

5. Reward payment method: the blockchain system will automatically the principal (the EZC you have staked) and the interest (the EZC you are rewarded) on the last day of the staking term.

6. Bonus Rate: is pegged when you start staking and valid throughout your staking cycle.

You can view the current reward rate data on P-chain’s Explorer : That is the number Annual Staking Reward (annual interest rate), and currently, it is ~ 50%.

The “Annual Staking Reward” will gradually decrease depending on the amount of “Total Staked” of the entire network.

So the sooner and longer you stake, the more profitable you will be. Because the “Annual Staking Reward” is high when the “Total Staked” of the entire network is still a tiny amount.

In addition, when you choose the amount of EZC that you intend to stake, the EZChain web wallet will also estimate for you the amount of bonus EZC that you will receive at the end of the period.

In the “Estimated Reward” section, as the example here is, when you Staking 1000 EZC within two months, you will receive a bonus of 83.56 EZC at the end of the period

7. Staking time: you can choose from 2 weeks to 1 year.

Note: if you select a long staking term, you will benefit more because the current “Annual Staking Reward” is high. If you choose a short time, then when that time is over, and you want to continue staking, the staking cycle will be the following ratio will be calculated according to the “Annual Staking Reward” rate at that time

Investors, please see the instructions here or attract file to perform the staking steps on the EZChain network. In addition, please contact the following email address for more information about the program for detailed instructions: [email protected]

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